VPN to unlock facebook, skype in Middle east

Use vpn to unblock facebook,youtube and voip service

Enjoy VoIP in Middle East

With the Internet in our fingertips, we get to enjoy free services such as video streaming, emails, social media, etc. Because of VoIP, we can also enjoy free communication through the Internet.In most cases, VoIP allows free unlimited voice time, and even offers the ability to make conversations face to face. This is something that the Middle Eastern Communications companies offers as a premium service to their residents. Therefore, if people use VoIP, the companies will face losses, which is something that forced the companies to tinker with existing laws to outlaw and block VoIP

VoIP is essential for modern day businesses, and VoIP platforms can be used to connect different places together at an instant. VoIP has made it possible to organize group meetings between individuals from different parts of the world. However, basing a business out of the Middle East will require companies to pay a premium for this feature, which otherwise, could have been enjoyed for free or for extremely cheap call rates

However, some countries believe that the information that comes in and out of their country needs to be fully monitored. This is why they blocked VoIP applications. Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia and UAE already blocked the use of all kinds of VoIP applications in their country.

Because they are very serious when it comes to Internet Censorship, they restricted the applications that help you reach your loved ones through the Internet. To be specific, VoIP is the service that they wanted to cut off.
The reason behind this drastic move boils down to culture. The authorities believe that these sites and applications may be channels for content that are offensive to the culture of Islam. This is their press release and people have no choice but to abide.
If you think about it, it’s hard to think that something as convenient as VoIP be offensive to the Islamic culture. It’s merely a mode of communication that’s fast and free. It’s a convenient way of keeping in touch with others. The logic behind their reason is flawed.

How to Get Around Their Restrictions

The need for VoIP communications today is very high. Many businesses rely on VoIP for their business transactions. Well, you can’t go to the government office and request that they unblock VoIP. That won’t work at all.
VoIP communication has been crucial for many businesses today. If you transact internationally, then VoIP is a must. Aside from lower costs, they are many advantages when it comes to using VoIP applications. One of them is video conferencing which gives you the chance to see your contact face to face. You can also share your desktop screen if you want to present something to your client. These advantages can really have an impact on the business operations and its growth.
The best way to get around their restrictions is with the use of a VPN service. By using a VPN to connect online, you can unblock VoIP where ever you are in the world.

With the help of a VPN service, you can access all the sites that you want. You can make use of all blocked application even if you’re in a country that’s blocking that service. In short, a VPN can make it seem that you’re connecting from a foreign country, such as the US for instance. For as low as $5 a month, you can enjoy the security and privacy of this VPN service and enjoy your VoIP applications at the same time.


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