Pi Network First Introduce Cryptocurrency Mining on Mobile

Pi Network First Introduce Cryptocurrency Mining on Mobile

Pi Network is a free mobile mining project created by the team from Stanford University. It is dedicated to building a global shared and decentralized digital currency system. Although Pi sounds similar to Bitcoin and other cryptographic currency, but the way to participate in it is more simpler.It can avoid the problem of centralized power and wealth caused by Bitcoin.

Pi’s breakthrough technology harnesses the power of members’ social networks to allow everyday people to contribute to the security of the currency. When Pi members vouch for each other as trustworthy, together they form a network of interlocking “security circles” that determines who can validate transactions on Pi’s ledger. This allows members to earn Pi from their mobile phones with low financial cost, limited battery drain, and a light footprint on the planet.

Launched in beta on Pi Day (3/14/2019), Pi has rapidly grown to more than 1 million installs, with active members spanning 180 countries. To join and start earning Pi, users need only download the free app, currently available on Apple or Android , use the invitation code “baoxiao” to sign up. when set up your account, you need to use your real name to be able to claim PI.

手机免费挖矿,目前最火的数字货币Pi network

Pi Network是由斯坦福大学一批博士创业者新推出的一个智能手机区块链公链项目,类似以太坊的智能网络合约。短短几个月席卷175+个国家,目前 目前活跃用户数超过100万。可以称得上是2019年区块链超级黑马。目前处于测试阶段,手机零成本免费挖矿。你可以把Pi想象成2019年bit币的新版本,允许人们利用现有的社交关系在手机上挖掘加密货币,经济成本低,不占用后台,不费流量。

为了反映早期贡献的重要性,随着越来越多的人加入网络,采矿率将会下降。此时,每当活跃用户数量增加10倍时,挖掘的基本速率就会减半。当Pi网络达到一定数量的用户(例如1000万或1亿)时,该速率最终将降至0。项目目前仍然处于测试阶段,主要是数字货币分发和信任图网络构建,只需每天激活一次即可获取Pi, 只有被邀请才能进入Pi 网络.


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