Best Buy Samsung S10 $400 plus $320 trade in,Free Google Home,$50 Referral Credit

Best Buy has the Samsung Galaxy S10 $400 on NEW activation or renewal with Koodo medium large. you also get $50 Referral Credit,$320 trade in and Free Google Home

To get the $50 Referral Credit, you need to register on line first..Just fill out your name and email. This is important.After signing up with Koodo, you go back through the link Koodo will email you and fill out your new phone number.


$400 upfront
$35 activation fee+ tax (13%) = $39.55 with tax
$480 tab medium+ tax (13%) = $542.2
-$320 BB trade in
-$50 referral credit
$611.95 for the effective cost of an S10 + Google Home

If you only want the phone, it’s best to stay with them for 3 months on the vacation plan @ 15$/month and take advantage of the referral bonus of $50

Switching to Vacation Mode can be done right away via CALLING as the self-serve portal forces you to wait till your new billing cycle.

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